An 8-week accelerator hosted in beautiful South Africa. The goal of this accelerator is to equip participating companies to be able to do business internationally by the end of the program. We hope to accomplish this through three objectives:

  1. Equip participating businesses with general management tools to increase their operational efficiency.
  2. Expose companies to subject material experts to foster and facilitate growth.
  3. Build an international ecosystem between companies and resources to forge strong business relationships.

Our 2022 REMOTE YEAR AMANDLA Participants

delta dirt distillery

Delta Dirt Distillery is a family-owned craft distillery located in the richest farmland in the country - the Arkansas Delta.


IZAZA Eyewear creates unique sunglasses that speak to their community and makes each customer feel special and loved.​


Packs Light is the everything-website for young travelers. We use stories and videos to inspire you to WHERE to go, AND give you the money tips, confidence, and hacks to get there!​


Sober Sidekick is an app and social network that helps you maintain your sobriety by connecting with a community of people who can empathize with where you are.​

Amandla Recap

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